Digital Platform Services

Durha Systems focuses on providing pointed and vendor neutral solutions with our business expertise in multi-domain digital transformation solutions.

Below are the four areas which form the four pillars of our digital transformation platform. We understand there are two critical aspects of business; one, ensure your clients are satisfied and secondly, ensure your business users are equipped with the right analytics to make informed decisions.

The former can be provided by studying the customer journeys and creating the user interfaces that are easy to use and the latter can be achieved by a robust BI solution. To sum it all automation is a crux of our execution be it RPA or automation during project execution.

Customer Experience – At Durha Systems we’re passionate about designing communication that serves our client’s needs. Our portfolio of clients and plethora of successful projects speak for themselves. The UI/UX Centre of Excellence is the creative powerhouse at Durha Systems. A fun, high-energy design studio allows for creative expression, effective problem-solving skills enhancement and the flow of fresh, new ideas, everyday.

Analytics – Enterprises depend on analytics to take decisions that can reduce inventory carrying cost, streamline supply chain cycle, and increase sales. To make this happen, the quality and timeliness of data play a differentiating factor.

Over the years Durha Systems has gained significant business knowledge in the domains of Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and Logistics. We bring this domain knowledge and expertise to help our clients benchmark themselves against the competitors.

Durha Systems has been helping businesses replace their traditional BI and develop new age systems to ensure unhindered access to actionable insight to those who make decisions. That has witnessed a direct impact on increasing competitive agility.

Automation – We offer automation solution via RPA, DevOps and QA.

We offer RPA consulting and RPA Implementation Framework solutions. We also provide assistance with the latest technologies in the field of RPA. Our efforts drive efficiency benefits, along with improvements in quality and scalability in a cost-effective model.

Apart from a robust DevOps implementation of our internal project management, we offer DevOps as a service to our customers and we have shown key successful projects in this area.

With a perfect set of tools, assets, and resources we can support your entire cycle of automation-related testing activities. The record and playback functionality requires no manual intervention resulting in significantly better ROI and reduced timelines.